"Alexa, trigger raise bed"

Through observation, I realized that the current design of motorized bed remote controls exclude users who have visual, mobility, and fine-motor impairments.

  • User Challenges
  • Inability to adjust height
  • Remote control dependent
  • Missing safety controls
  • Adverse preset handling
  • Solutions
  • Voice control
  • Automations

I came up with a design to control the bed through voice using an Alexa device. To accelerate the prototype, I partnered with graduate student Amanda Spyropoulos. By attaching an Arduino to the remote controller, we were able to create code that communicated with cloud services (io.adafruit.com and ifttt.com) enabling a person to use voice commands that trigger specific actions on the bed. For example, a person could say “Alexa, trigger raise bed” and the bed would raise to a predetermined level. Similarly the individual could lower the bed using the appropriate command. In effect, any traditional remote control action could be achieved through voice.

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I extend my wholehearted gratitude to Amanda for all her tireless support in this effort.