My life is predicated on the concept that we can achieve anything.

Daniel with Stanford by a lake

My brother is a gift. I was exposed to accessibility needs from a younge age as my brother, Daniel, was born with cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairement. Early on, my family and I spent years traveling around the world in effort to identify potential aids for Daniel, from G Therapy in India to Euromed in Poland. It was in Mielno Poland where I watched and helped motivate physically impaired children leverage exoskeleton suits as they took their first physical steps and began their journey towards independence. I am dedicated to the belief that we can create anything for anyone.

For the past eight years, while recovering from Chronic Fatigue, I have worked on accessibility design projects, collaborating with Google, Apple, and other incredible organizations. I have helped produce a documentary in effort to raise awareness within the accessible design industry. Through this documentary and a few others, donated $20 million to unconventional technologies in the disability space. For several years, my brother and I have assisted Google’s Liftware Level team in the design process of creating a self-stabilizing spoon and other attachments. I complemented and facilitated my brother's consultancy with Siri Founder and CTO of Apple's Siri Team, Tom Gruber. Additionally, I orchestrated a “Weeklong Disability Makeathon” at our home where a team of remarkable engineers helped design my vision of a wheelchair capable of detecting edges.

My goal is to continue creating and improving accessibility products that translate to an increase in daily life independence for mobility, fine motor, hearing, and visually challenged individuals.

I cannot wait to make more of a difference.